Hello, we are Darryn & Charlotte

We hop around in a 2 berth touring caravan in the UK. We met on Tinder, April 2016 and in January 2017 we started our own festival street food business. Camping at weekends in our short wheel based van while working long hours in the catering trailer gave us a taste of life on wheels. To give the business a chance to grow we have chosen to live in a caravan so we don’t have to pay ourselves from the business.


Why Live In A Caravan

We have chosen lifestyle over style. We don’t make much money through the festival trailer but we love the lifestyle; meeting new people, serving nutritious food, dancing all day and working long solid hours. Any profit goes back to paying off our Princes Trust Enterprise Loan and the loan from Char’s parents. We can’t afford rent all year round and putting money into The Man’s pocket when we work so hard would be soul destroying. The caravan may not be bricks and mortar, but it is ours!


Our Values

We value our time greatly and we choose our own path. We still have self-employed jobs and work hard with our festival trailer because we still have to earn money. But life is short and if we find ourselves in a situation where if we’re not enjoying what we’re doing, we simply stop doing it. We choose when we work (which is most days, we’re not lazy) and sometimes we go above and beyond the normal working hours (7 hours sleep over 4 days of trading at the Isle of Wight Festival) but we always have the choice. Family time, sunny days and enjoying our hobbies is more important than earning money.


The Future

We love our humble alternative lifestyle but it’s not forever. We don’t have pets as we think it would be unfair as the caravan can get really hot, we can get under each others feet and it can become stressful. This lifestyle gives us the opportunity to save money for a mortgage or land and put our money into something proper. This lifestyle has taught us and continues to teach us that materialistic possessions don’t bring you happiness and time is too valuable to waste so for the near future, we will continue to be caravan dwellers.